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    We take the natural beauty of feathers...

    A by-product of the game season

  • http://www.wingfielddigby.co.uk/collections/photo-frames/products/feather-glass-photo-frame-cock-pheasant
    ...and turn them into luxury products

    Product shown: Cock Pheasant & Glass Photo Frame

    £70.00 More Details
  • From this...

    Hen Pheasant feathers

  • http://www.wingfielddigby.co.uk/collections/rectangular-placemats/products/hen-pheasant-feather-glass-placemats
    ...To this

    Product shown: Hen Pheasant & heatproof glass placemats (set of 6)

    £150.00 More Details
  • http://www.wingfielddigby.co.uk/collections/photo-frames/products/feather-glass-photo-frame-duck
    Product of the Year, House & Garden magazine

    At Spirit of Christmas - Duck Photo Frame

    £60.00 More Details
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