• Autumnal Tablescaping


    A little effort goes a long way to make your table impressive.

    We spend hours on the food so let’s take a few extra minutes on the table decorations. Here are my top tips to bring a little glamour to the table this autumn.

    1. Rummage in the cupboard for all the candles you can get your hands on – candles will add ambience as the nights draw in. You can add a couple to a mantlepiece or side table too for extra glow.

    2. Gather some golden autumn leaves and any other treasure you can find such as bracken, large chunks of bark, fir cones, conkers or acorns ideally attached to their branch. These can be adorned down the centre of the table with the candles nestled in amongst them. Take care to avoid anything too close to the open flames. Feel free to add some garden produce if you have it, pumpkins, gourds and butternut squashes. 




    3. Get out the silverware, not only the candlesticks but Grandma’s salt and pepper shakers and any other long forgotten trinkets. The silverware will catch the light of the candles and add extra drama and mood. The glow of the silver contrasts the rustic leaves and adds a bit of class to the compost!

    4. Go big on glassware – even the hand wash only. Aim for 3 glasses each even if no one will use two wines glasses. This gives a feeling of decadence and reflects the light in the same way as the silverware. Coloured glassware is very ‘ontrend’ so don’t be afraid to mix some of that in too. Put any last blooms of the summer in single stem vases around the table, this adds life and extra light reflection.





    5. Our Cock Pheasant Feather tableware is the perfect compliment to the autumn colours and leaves. Choose from Cock Pheasant or Cock Pheasant and Green Pheasant; they come as placemats, coasters and table centres which double as extra decadent charger placemats. The scented Cock Pheasant candles make a lovely addition to the table or a lovely gift to bring to supper. All the tableware brings an extra reflective glow adding to the cosy ambience.

    6. Don’t forget - six is the magic number of dinner guests. 




     Give it a try and please send us a photo of your autumn table creations to info@wingfielddigby.co.uk. We’d love to see them and the best shots will be shown on our Instagram and will win some WD vouchers...


    Enjoy and keep the glasses charged!

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  • Father's Day Gift Guide


    Father’s Day is fast approaching...

     Read on for ideas and inspiration to show him how much you care.

    PLUS we are offering FREE GIFT WRAP to make the gift even more spoiling...

    Simply enter the code 'WDFD2020' when you check out to redeem free gift wrapping!


    Gifts under £50

    Gifts under £75


     Gifts under £100



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  • Quarantini Cocktail Competition Entries


    I’m not sure who said “Keep calm and drink a cocktail” or “You can’t buy happiness, but you can make cocktails which is kind of the same thing", but seeing the response to our Quarantini competition, it seems that many of you ARE keeping calm AND being creative on the cocktail front. Very impressive.

    We had a fabulous response to our Quarantini competition and want to thank all of you who sent in such an eclectic array of drinkable delights.

    One of my personal favourites was the Pink Paloma.
    It looks positively good for you....


    - Lovingly mix the juice of one grapefruit

    - Add the juice of one lime

    - Pour over ice

    - Top up with soda water

    - Throw in a sprig of mint & slice of lime.

    So far, so fresh and good for you… and then add a splash of gin.
    Lockdown sorted.

     Thank you, Sophie, I tried one and true happiness was mine.


    I rather liked the challenge set by the Lockdown Limbo. Could I get the dark rum to float so enticingly as Angie has managed to do?

     It's all gloriously simple (and yes I did!):-

    - 1 shot white rum

    - 1 shot spiced rum

    - 1/2 a shot of almond syrup

    - 1 tsp of orange marmalade

    - 1/2 a shot of dark rum

    - Sprig of mint

    Simply shake the white rum, spiced rum, almond syrup and marmalade with a few ice cubes and pour into a glass. Gently pour and float the dark rum on top and garnish with mint. Et voila – happy in Limbo.

    The “Work-from-home 4pm Espresso Quarantini" appealed to me, particularly the having a decadent shot of coffee to get you through that final part of the afternoon. Decadent, creamy, delicious .....
    and I'm still awake!



    You can recreate this alternative to a cup of tea as follows:

    - 1 tsp of homemade sugar syrup

    - 1 shot of Vodka

    - 3 tbsp of cafetiere coffee

    - 1 shot of Kalùa

    - Ice

    To get the best results, Annabel tells us, dance around and shake it up!

    The Home-Schooling Hiatustini is surely a must for parents
    throughout the nation

    - 2 shots cachaca or other rum from back of drinks cabinet

    - 1 tbsp orange liquor

    - Juice from 2 limes

    - Sprig of mint, ideally from garden

    - Strawberry, ideally from garden

    - Ice

    Add all the ingredients to your cocktail shaker and give it a shake. Pour over your strawberry, relax and enjoy. Nicola recommends it is drunk ideally with no homework interruptions.

    And finally, our winner, the Rose Delight, which which looks beautiful, smells beautiful and indeed tastes beautiful. Thank you, Helen.


    - 2 shots of your favourite gin

    - Muddled fresh raspberries

    - Topped with frozen Rose Lemonade

    - Garnished with frozen blueberries. Yum, yum, yum.

    So as Luis Bunuel Portoles, the Spanish-Mexican filmmaker, said " If you were to ask me if I'd ever had the bad luck to miss my daily cocktail, I'd have to say that I doubt it: where certain things are concerned, I plan ahead". A fine motto indeed.  

    So having planned ahead, I'm off...

    Best wishes, 

    Wingfield Digby 





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  • Your chance to WIN one of our beautiful frames...


    Tackling the weeds and tending the flowerbeds; what isolation activities have you been up to recently?

    Why not send a photograph to info@wingfielddigby.co.uk for your chance to WIN one of our Photo Frames...


    Need some photo inspiration? Why not capture something amusing, unusual or just gloriously normal that you have been doing during isolation?

    Walks in the park, wanderings with your pet…. maybe a shot showing off the beautiful things you have done to your garden?

    I may frame this photo of my mother weeding my garden and send it to my brother (who wishes Mum was weeding HIS garden).

    Or the picture of my husband posing rather self-consciously in front of some gloriously blooming rhododendrons!

    If I was sending a frame to myself, I would choose a photograph of my 16 year old dog Xanda (who we rescued when we used to live in Cape Town) who seems to be embracing his slothful life in isolation...


    The choices are limitless wherever you may be, but the result is the same; a wonderful memory captured in an equally wonderful frame. 


    So let your imagination roll, email us your photo at info@wingfielddigby.co.uk and we will print the winning photo in one of our beautiful frames and send it to your family, a friend or directly to you.


    We look forward to receiving your photographs. 

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    Win £1,250 worth of Beretta, Dubarry, Guinea, The Oxton Liqueur Company and Wingfield Digby merchandise for the perfect shooting weekend away...

    Courtesy of long established and notorious Beretta Gallery, the pioneering and iconic footwear brand Dubarry, the best of the British chic clothing brand Guinea, the unique and traditional Oxton Liqueur Company and the stunningly original go-to gift provider Wingfield Digby one lucky winner will receive...
    • A Beretta Gallery Leather Cased set of 8 Shot Glasses (£375)
    • A pair of Dubarry Galway Boots in Navy and Brown (£329)
    • A Guinea Fur and Quilted Puffer in Navy (£235)
    • The Oxton Liqueur Company Sloe Gin and Bramble Whiskey (£100)
    • A pair of Wingfield Digby Real Cock Pheasant Feather Photo Frames and a Real Cock Pheasant Feather Wine Coaster (£214)


    TO ENTER: Simply visit...



    All Five brands define both themselves and their clientele as connoisseurs of luxury living and ambassadors of country style.


    The Beretta Gallery refine their philosophy and strategy, whilst maintaining intact the style that is signature of the Beretta brand. They recreate the spirit of “outdoor life” whilst offering a variety of upscale products that help consumers get more out of life.

    Dubarry is named after the famous French courtesan Madame du Barry a lady of enticing beauty in the French court. The business was fortunate to be able to draw on a local population of hard-working craftsmen and women, and Dubarry soon developed a reputation for excellent workmanship and quality.

    Guinea wanted an iconic name that meant luxury, quality and tradition – the finest things in life. Inspiration for a brand name came when they stumbled across a 1775 guinea coin in a back drawer. For 400 years, the guinea, a solid gold coin was used in Britain to buy only the most luxurious of items and it soon became the currency of the wealthy and quite literally a mark of gold standard quality – a perfect representation of this company.

    The Oxton Liqueur Company - uses traditional methods to make the finest fruit liqueurs. They can offer you a stunning collection of award-winning liqueurs including the ‘World’s Best Rhubarb Gin’. Each bottle can be personalised with your own message or branding. Beautifully packaged and delicious they are perfect on their own or added to Champagne.

    Wingfield Digby - Wingfield Digby is a family-owned, luxury British home accessories brand that is the only company worldwide to handcraft real game bird feathers (from Cock Pheasant to Guinea Fowl) under glass into its designs.




    All products in the competition can be purchased online: www.beretta.com; www.dubarryboots.com; www.guinealondon.com; www.oxtonliqueurs.co.uk; www.wingfielddigby.co.uk

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