• EXCLUSIVE Father's Day Competition with Elephant Gin and Atlas & I


    If your father enjoys the finer things in life, look no further! We've teamed up with the award-winning Elephant Gin and unique British brand Atlas & I to offer one lucky Dad over £120 worth of exciting goodies – all united by the majestic elephant.

     Any father – be he a budding gourmand, a keen traveller or simply a stylish gent – will love this collection of

    • Elephant Gin (from the Satao batch - 600 bottles all named after Satao, one of the world’s largest African elephants)
    • Atlas & I hip flask and greeting card (both aptly showcasing an antique map of East Africa dating from 1920)
    • Wingfield Digby canvas and leather elephant belt (the perfect accessory for brightening up any work or play attire)



    Why the elephant? Aside from reminding many of us of our fathers (loyal, majestic, with a tendency to have large appetites and large ears!), elephants typify adventure, leisure and exotic locations. All of which Wingfield Digby, Atlas & I and Elephant Gin wholeheartedly endorse.

    Atlas & I

    Atlas & I, founded by Sophie Kirkpatrick and run entirely from her West London showroom, is a unique personalised gift and homeware brand. The company is widely acclaimed for its bespoke service: Sophie prints silhouettes – be they sports, buildings, animals or people – onto carefully sourced vintage maps showcasing anywhere from Ascot to the Alps, Kenya to Cornwall.  She has recently expanded the accessories range to include the likes of phone cases, cushions, keyrings and sketchbooks - as praised by the likes of Country & Town House, Shooting Times and House Beautiful.

    Follow Atlas & I on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



    Elephant Gin

    The idea for Elephant Gin sprung from nostalgia over so-called ‘sundowner’ drinks after a day out in the South African bush. It is now an award-winning, handcrafted premium spirit, distilled notably using rare African ingredients never before used in gin-making - including Devil’s Claw, Lion’s Tail and Baobab. The result is a complex but strikingly smooth serve which can be enjoyed both straight and in a cocktail. The team are passionate about African wildlife – 15% of all proceeds support Big Life Foundation’s Ranger Club and Space For Elephants Foundation.

    Follow Elephant Gin on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




    The competition closes at midnight, Sunday 11th June.

    The winner will be chosen and notified on Monday 12th June to arrange delivery.

    For full Competition Terms & Conditions, click here.



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  • Q&A with Victoria Knowles Lacks, Founder of The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club


    We were thrilled to catch up with Victoria Knowles Lacks – the passionate and proud instigator of Europe's largest and foremost ladies' clay shooting organisation, The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club (S&CBC).


    Responsible for shifting the shooting industry to create a movement of confident lady guns, Victoria is currently busy organizing the final aspects of next month’s National Ladies’ Shooting Day (Saturday 10th June) – which sees over 1,000 women shooting across 30 grounds in the UK. It is the largest ladies only clay shooting event in the world.


    1. What is your earliest personal memory of shooting?

    I was quite a latecomer! The first actual game shoot I went on was during my teens. A lovely chap from Young Farmers invited me along. It was slightly embarrassingly as he had an old hammer gun which initially I had no idea how to hold. The recoil of the shells made me wince and I actually shot a pigeon- resulting in cheer from down the line as I didn't aim for it. Somewhat awkward! However, the whole day was just incredible. It was a little sydincate shoot, the banter and sloegasms were a plenty and the après shooting went on in to the night. I was smitten and learnt a fair bit about the importance of gun fit and mount!


    1. Was there a light bulb moment that instigated your creation of SG&CB Club?

    In hindsight I think there was. I learnt to shoot with a load of old boys who were such good fun, but I did feel hugely out of my depth and a little bit alone with it. I remember a distinct lack of women and female support at grounds. Having looked around for fellow female shots and advice and finding virtually nothing, I set up a blog which had more interest that I could have ever dreamed. S&CBC was a natural progression from there.


     The real lightbulb moment came 6 years ago when I took four girl friends for a group shooting lesson and made a Victoria Sponge for after (an initial lure as they weren't really keen on the idea so I had to sweeten the deal with cake!). Never in a million years did I think we'd have well in excess of 10,000 women join us at our shoots!


    1. How did NLSD come about?

    Like all the best ideas, the idea came after a few cheeky glasses of fizz on New Years Eve, 2014. S&CBC was thriving and I was keen for a challenge. I spent New Year’s Day brainstorming, planning and getting to work.


    1. What are you most excited about for NLSD this year?

    Oh my goodness, there's way too much to be excited about! Obviously having the Wingfield Digby girls joining us at EJ Churchill is a huge highlight, as is the number of brand new shooters joining us and a full line up of sponsors we love and of course a mega list of prizes that we're giving away!


    1. Why do you feel so passionately about introducing women to the sport

    Historically, women have been on the back foot a bit (speaking generally, of course) with shooting. There just haven’t been the opportunities like men have had, so I set about evening up the playing field. There is no reason at all why women can't shoot as well men, the problem is that first 'in' in to the sport and sometimes confidence.


    1. Who is your most inspirational female shot and why?

    Cheryl Hall - she is the most wonderful 'normal' woman in that she's one of us, one of the girls, but she has achieved the most phenomenal success and has won over 30 World titles.


    1. What is your proudest achievement to date?

    Being named a Fieldsports Magazine 'Outstanding Gun' in 2016. I was the only lady and given the title alongside so many incredible sporting greats, such as Lord James Percy and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.



    1. If you could save one photo in your house, what would it be and why?

    The group photo from Fieldsports Magazine’s 'Outstanding Guns' day. A great line of the best chaps in the business, with me stood in the middle with the most sincere and ridiculous of smiles!


    1. What is on your Wingfield Digby wish list and why?

    The Guinea Fowl placemats.


    1. Favourite feather type?

    Guinea Fowl, and darker pheasant feathers.


    For more information on The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club, click here

    For more information on National Ladies’ Shooting Day 2017, and booking, click here.

    Follow SG&CB on Facebook here; Twitter here; Instagram here.





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  • April Recipe with creative chef Oliver Gladwin


    Wild Rabbit & Cabbage Burgers Recipe - Oliver Gladwin, creative chef at Gladwin Brothers' Enterprises

    Rabbit at Easter?! Fear not - we haven’t chosen this recipe to reflect any morbid thoughts concerning Easter bunnies..

    Instead, Oliver says, “Rabbit is such a great meat – lean, flavoursome and low in cholesterol. We have to keep the rabbit population down at the vineyard or they chew the bark off the young vines, so there is often an ample supply. I don’t know why it is so underused and underrated!”

    His top tip? “You will need caul fat to wrap the burgers in, which protects, seals and moistens the meat. Caul fat, also known as crépine - can be bought from any traditional butcher”.


    Try it for yourself…


    Serves 6

    1kg rabbit, skinned and jointed

    1 medium onion, chopped

    1 medium carrot, sliced

    1 lemon, halved

    2 bay leaves

    1 teaspoon black peppercorns and salt

    100ml water

    6 good leaves of Savoy cabbage

    200g caul fat, cut into 6


    To serve:

    6 ciabatta rolls

    Wild Garlic Yogurt


    1. Preheat the oven to 160°C/gas mark 3.
    2. Put the rabbit pieces, onion, carrot, lemon and bay leaves in an ovenproof casserole dish.
    3. Sprinkle in the peppercorns and salt, then add the water.
    4. Cover with a tight-fitting lid, and place over a moderate heat to bring the liquid to the boil.
    5. Transfer to the oven and braise for 1 hour.
    6. Meanwhile, blanch the Savoy cabbage leaves in boiling water for 2 minutes; drain under cold running water and set aside to cool.
    7. Remove the braised rabbit from the oven. Allow to cool slightly before picking off the meat, discarding any sinew or bones.
    8. Put the meat in a mixing bowl with the onion and carrot and moisten with some of the cooking juices.
    9. Divide the meat mixture into six portions and squeeze into even-sized patties. Wrap each one in a cabbage leaf followed by a piece of caul fat.
    10. Light the barbecue or preheat a griddle pan until smoking hot.
    11. Grill the rabbit burgers on the barbecue or griddle for 3 minutes on each side

    Serve inside lightly toasted rolls with a good dollop of wild garlic yoghurt.


    This recipe is also available in The Shed: The Cookbook, compiled by Oliver and his brothers Richard and Oliver and winner of the Michael Smith Award for Work On British Food. Available to buy here.

    Follow Oliver and his culinary outlets here:

    Instagram: @nutbourne_resto @rabbit_resto @theshed_resto

    Twitter: @NutbourneSW11 @RabbitResto @TheShed_resto

    Facebook: @NutbourneBattersea @RabbitResto @The-Shed



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  • Q&A with Trevor Pickett – CEO of Pickett London


    With the colour and high spirits of Easter on the horizon, we chatted to Trevor Pickett – CEO of Pickett – the British brand likewise renowned for injecting lustre and excitement into luxury leathers.


    Commended for his beautiful London stories and for delivering over 3 decades of handmade luxury from artisan British workshops, Trevor – the quintessential English eccentric – shares his Easter favourites, imminent Pickett plans and Wingfield Digby wishlist..


    1. What would your ideal Easter weekend involve?

    Good food and even better friends, anything low key and relaxing. Should weather permit at home, a potter in the garden is essential.


    1. What is your favourite Easter memory?

    It would have to be when I was staying with my great friends the Bloomfields on a desert island when their children were much younger.


    1. If you could save one photo in your house, what would it be and why?

    I have a lovely black and white photograph of my godson jumping in the air – it’s not recognisably him but it was taken by his mother who is a semi professional photographer. It is very special to me.


    1. What Pickett plans are you most excited about over the next few months?

    Remerchandising our Sloane Street store in a radical move to mirror the change of the changing retail landscape in that area. We successfully experimented at the Burlington Gardens store at Albany; a great opportunity to review our range which has given us all the buzz to go full steam ahead.


    1. What is your proudest achievement to date?

    I think surrounded by sound, loyal people professionally and solid, good friends who care about me.


    1. If you had to choose your favourite between your Burlington Gardens and Sloane Street shops, which would it be and why?

    This a hard one, the Sophie’s choice of retail! The flagship store on Burlington Gardens has really become our home since leaving the Burlington Arcade but equally Sloane Street is always evolving and keeps things exciting.


    1. We hear that all Pickett products are handcrafted and produced in the UK. Whereabouts?

    All over! We only work with small workshops and ateliers which have limited production. We design and source leather goods ensuring that we produce a collection which offers a range of interesting and unique pieces.


    1. What is on your Wingfield Digby wish list and why?

     It would definitely be a photo frame. They make a lovely gift and I think the feathers complement any photograph which more often than not hold a happy memory captured in time.


    1. Favourite feather type? 

    The neck feathers of male pheasants.


    Visit Pickett online, or in their London Mayfair or Sloane Street stores.




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  • Mother’s Day Competition 2017


    We are thrilled to announce our Mother’s Day Competition. Read on for a chance to win a terrific bundle of goodies for your Mother, worth over £225!

    Win EVERYTHING in the below picture... 

    We’ve teamed up with some of our favourite brands to offer one lucky winner all of the below:

    Dressed up in a luxury fedora and pashmina while sipping on Sloe Gin - what more does a mother need? A handcrafted Wingfield Digby Cock Pheasant photo frame to capture the occasion…


    Entry Method


    Enter via email or social media. 


    Email: Simply email your full name to info@wingfielddigby.co.uk with subject heading MOTHER’S DAY COMP


    Social Media: Like our Mother’s Day Competition post and direct message us your email address via Instagram (here), Twitter (here) or Facebook (here).

    For best chance to win, why not enter both ways? 

    Closing date: Midnight, Sunday 19th March 


    The line-up...


    Hicks and Brown

    First up, the beautiful Hicks and Brown dark brown wool felt Fedora hat with pheasant feather wrap-around (RRP: £85). Like us, the Hicks and Brown founders (sisters Alice and Rosie) are passionate about real feathers and have crafted both natural and bright feathers into their water resistant fedoras to create headwear that is both pretty and practical. Based in Suffolk, Alice and Rosie create clothing and fashion accessories infused with country style - and do so to much acclaim. Aside from a portfolio of celebrity clientele, they won ‘Best Dressed Trade Stand’ at the 2016 Royal Windsor Show. 


    Follow @hicksandbrown across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook



    The lucky winner will also receive a 50cl bottle of Sipsmith Sloe Gin 2015. Whether swirled into a crisp glass of Champagne or paired with a good dessert, this velvety spirit is perfect for mother/daughter sharing! Sipsmith pick all their sloe berries in the autumn before leaving them to rest with their award-winning London Dry Gin, resulting in a tantalisingly fruity serve. Don’t take our word for it, Sunday Times Style say “We thought Sipsmith couldn’t top its British-brewed gin, but this Sloe version is even better.”


    Follow @sipsmith across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook


    Pink City Pashmina


    Next up – and on a similarly cerise note - Pink City Pashmina has kindly provided a completely unique, pure Indian silk pashmina. Straight from The Pink City itself, Jaipur in India, Pink City Pashmina scarves are handwoven using wooden loom techniques that have existed for centuries. The result? Pashminas that are as steeped in colour and character as the country from which they’re from. Founder William Mitchell works closely with his friends in India to ensure that these exquisite creations are made in the most sustainable and ethical manner possible.


    Follow @pinkcitypashmina on Facebook or Instagram


    Wingfield Digby

    Last, but by no means least, this Mother’s Day Prize will include one of our signature Cock Pheasant photo frames (RRP: £70). It even matches the Hicks & Brown fedora!



    Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook


    Good luck!


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