Scented Candles

Our new scented candles have been beautifully crafted from start to finish.  Each glass is hand made and incorporates a series of feathers inlaid in the glass. We then fill each glass with wax and our uplifting blend of essential oils and fragrances, and the result is a luxury candle with a wonderful aroma that is just as stunning to look at as it is to smell. 

We have developed several evocative scents: 

- Greenhouse Tomato

- Winter Spice

- English Fig

All the fragrances are available in three different feather types.  

All our luxury scented candles are beautifully packaged in a gorgeous Wingfield Digby gift box. 

We also offer a bespoke service if you have some unusual feathers you want turning into your own candle.  

Click the images below for more information about each fragrance. 


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