New product launch - the first peek

We have been very busy at WD HQ and are excitedly counting down the days until our newest products launch... our three wick luxury Christmas scented candles. As you'll know by now we always do things a little bit differently, so our glass surround encapsulates feathers between two layers of glass.

Here is the first exclusive preview;


We are always looking for fabulous new products to add to the Wingfield Digby range and for the last few months this has involved collaborating with the finest British candle manufacturers to create an exciting range of new candle fragrances.  With the evenings beginning to draw in, what could be better than lighting a Winter Spice candle and watching the three wicks flicker.

When it came to selecting our favourite Christmas fragrances, we were spoilt for choice. In the end we settled for a blend of our favourite winter spices.



We have been busy gathering feathers so in addition to the Cock Pheasant candles photographed above we have some more unusual limited edition feather candles to watch out for in the coming weeks.

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