• London Wing Shooting Fair

    Posted by Alice Wingfield Digby

    Do you, like Wingfield Digby, enjoy the glorious hybrid of a country and city lifestyle? Then the inaugural London Wing Shooting Fair (23 – 24 March) is an event you cannot miss...

     Hosted at Islington’s Business Design Centre (a fitting location given the building’s original function as an agricultural hall), the event will take place alongside the annual London Fly Fishing Fair – the first fair of its kind in the capital.


    Marina Gibson


    What do we love most about this event? Aside from being a unique opportunity to enjoy the many aspects of the shooting industry under one roof, there will be demonstrations, films, exhibitions and talks from leading sport personalities – BASC are even inviting guests to try their fantastic shooting simulator.


    William Evans


    We can’t wait to see two of our favourite stockists (West London Shooting School and William Evans) and celebrate famed gunmakers Holland & Holland, Longthorne Guns and Grulla Armas.



     West London Shooting School


    The driving force behind the event likewise resonates with Wingfield Digby’s family-run ethos. Founded by feather-son duo John and Fergus Kelley, the two have admirably launched the only exhibition to exclusively feature fly fishing, shooting, outdoor lifestyle brands and experiences in central London. 


    Fergus Kelley


     Other highlights include the presence of renowned sporting agencies – both British and from further afield. While William Powell Sporting specializes in exclusive estates across the UK; Butler Prado offers some of the finest bespoke shooting, hunting and fishing tours in Spain. The latter has the added bonus of local Spanish cuisine & wine – guaranteeing a perfect holiday for any field sports enthusiast.


    Butler Prado


    Here’s to an excellent event!


    Tickets available online for £15. Click here to book

    When? Friday 23rd March: 9am – 9pm / Saturday 24th March: 9am – 6pm

    Where? Business Design Centre, Islington, London N1 0QH


    N.B. London Fly Fishing Fair London Wing Shooting Fair take place in adjacent halls - one ticket will allow access to both shows.


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  • Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    Posted by Alice Wingfield Digby

    For romantic, real feather filled inspiration, explore our Top 3 Valentine’s Day gift ideas, each as stylish and timeless as the next.


    The Thoughtful Gift: Photo Frame
    Capture your favourite romantic memories in a unique, handcrafted Wingfield Digby photo frame. Be it a traditional wedding photo, honeymoon scene, holiday shot or shared sporting success, there is a Wingfield Digby frame for every couple’s most treasured moments…




    Wingfield Digby frames are all available in 2 sizes, across 8 feather types. Click here to view full range.
    The Functional Gift: Tray
    Terrific for serving the traditional Valentine’s Day presents of chocolate & champagne
    The Gourmet Gift: Wine Coaster
    Real Feather Wine Coasters, £49 each. Available in 6 designs. Click here to view full range
    Pair Hen Pheasant with its Cock Pheasant partner and you’ve got a brace of coasters – one for red, one for white!
    Happy Valentine's Day

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  • Burn's Night 2018

    Posted by Alice Wingfield Digby

    With Burns Night on the horizon, the family-owned Wingfield Digby & Patrick Mavros are here to inspire a luxury filled evening to celebrate a Scottish poet whose best loved topic (like our own) are animals and nature.

    From sculptures designed in wildest Africa, to tableware inspired by the Great British countryside, Patrick Mavros and Wingfield Digby guarantee a night of elegance and ultimate luxury this Burns night.


    Pictured: Wingfield Digby Real Guinea Fowl & Green Pheasant Feather Placemat (Part of Set of 2, from £75, currently available in 4 designs here)


    The Ultimate Burns Night Table


    Set the Scottish scene with tartan

    Tie your napkins with a tartan ribbon; no one need know it’s not your family tartan. Tartan adds the colourful and stylish edge that your table needs.


    Incorporate heather and thistles into your flower arrangements and onto the table

    Thistles bring a touch of colour and beautiful texture to the table in addition to their Scottish heritage. Bunches or pots of heather on your table are reminiscent of the beautiful Scottish countryside. Tuck a posy of heather, sprig of rosemary and a single thistle inside the ribbon of each napkin.


    Add some bird sculptures nestled amongst the heather as centrepieces, to complement the natural feel reminiscent of a Scottish moor – Grouse or Partridge would be ideal. Patrick Mavros have some beautiful sculptures as photographed on the table above.  


    Tie it all together with a touch of feathers

    The Green Pheasant and Guinea Fowl Feather Placemats (as photographed above) will tie it all together. Why not serve the drinks on a feather tray and put a good bottle of red on a Cock Pheasant Feather Wine Coaster? Finally add a large pheasant feather to the posy of the napkins and why not add a few tail feathers to your flower arrangements to tie it all together?


    Above are some look book ideas for inspiration – Duck Feather PlacematsCock Pheasant Feather Wine Coaster, Guinea Fowl and Green Pheasant Feather Placemats & Guinea Fowl Feather Tray.


    Our varied collection has something for everyone - click here to explore the full range.


    Burns Night Recipe: Now the table is set, it’s time to cook!



     Why not add a modern twist to a traditional evening with Tom Kitchin? A Scottish chef born and bred, he was the youngest chef to be awarded a Michelin Star. Tom uses Scottish produce in his restaurant The Kitchin, in what has become one of the finest places to eat in the country!


    Here’s some fun facts about Robbie Burns:

    Burns Night is celebrated annually on the 25th January (Burns’ birthday). The author of the much loved “Auld lang syne”, which translates to “for (the sake of) old times”, represents an occasion to come together for celebration, companionship and joy. So, gather friends and families and pay tribute to Burns with us this Burn’s Night!


    No subject was too big or too small. He could write about God and the universe with as much impact as a poem about a little mouse in a field. However, animals and the natural world were among his best loved topics…making Burns Night a true night to celebrate! 



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  • Make It Your Business Event 23rd January - For Women Starting a Business

    Posted by Alice Wingfield Digby

    I feel very honoured to have been invited onto the panel of a female entrepreneur’s event on 23rd January – “Make It Your Business – for women starting a business”. Make It Your Business was founded by Alison Cork, who with a wealth of experience running her own business, has set up this fantastic company to help encourage and equip other women to do the same, following in her entrepreneurial footsteps.  I’ve had the privilege of receiving some very valuable advice from Alison myself for planning the future of Wingfield Digby. I have caught up with her to find out a bit more about her journey, advice for others, new years’ resolutions and top tips for budding entrepreneurs.

    1. What inspired you to start Make It Your Business?

    After almost thirty years of running my own businesses I realised I had a wealth of knowledge to share with other women, and that if I, along with other experienced female entrepreneurs, 'downloaded' what was in our heads, we could perhaps make a real difference to those women who were just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey.

    2. Who inspired you when you were starting out?

    Margaret Thatcher and Debbie Moore (founder of Pineapple Studios) were my 80s poster girls. They made me feel that aspiration was a good thing, that I could be master of my own destiny and that ultimately, there were no barriers to my progress in life. 

    3. What’s your top tip for budding entrepreneurs?

    Be prepared to be very persistent. You could have the best idea in the world, but if you don't persevere when things get tough, as they will, you will never realise your full potential.

    4. What do you think are the 3 key character traits of successful female entrepreneurs?

    I'm not sure these are exclusively female traits, but successful entrepreneurs tend to be almost messianic in their fervor for their subject, they are born optimists and fiercely determined. 

    5. Do you have any mottos/phrases that keep you motivated and/or inspired? 

    The harder I practice the luckier I get. 

    6. What are you most excited for over 2018?

    I see 2018 as a year of growth and achieving new milestones. I have a specific target in my head as to how many Make It Your Business members I would like to see by the end of the year, and I think we can achieve that number. As for my own regular businesses, we have a new website launch for www.alisonathome.com, exciting new products on the QVC shows and some great collaborations with companies such as Victorian Plumbing. It's all go this year! 

    7. What was your new year’s resolution (if any?)

    I always make New Year Resolutions - they fire me up. But the one I most cherish this year is a promise to cook every night for my children - a humble aspiration but it feels like an achievement in my world!! 


    We would welcome you to join us on 23rd January for networks, candid accounts of the many highs and low of the panellists’ and a chance to ask your questions in a like-minded, encouraging environment. Link to book tickets here.

    Alison Cork Green Pheasant Frame


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    Posted by Alice Wingfield Digby

    Celebrate both Christmas and countryside with Wingfield Digby and three other family-run, luxury British brands.. 

    Like Wingfield Digby, Gun Dog Gin, Black Mountains Smokery and Hannah de Haan are all independently owned, passionate about the great outdoors and renowned for providing utmost quality in their respective sectors: interiors, art, food and drink.



    We’ve teamed up to offer one lucky winner this brilliantly British, fabulously festive prize - worth over £190!




    Gun Dog Gin Rhubarb Gin and miniatures gift box (£35)

    From fruit grown in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, each bottle effortlessly attests to the Frost family belief that ‘the beauty of the county translates to the products produced within it’. Perfect with prosecco too!



    Wingfield Digby Real Guinea Fowl Feather & Glass Photo Frame (£70)

    What better way to capture festive memories? Its black and white dotty design resembles falling snowflakes on a midnight sky.



    Hannah de Haan Christmas Cards and English Partridge Print (£50)

    Fine artist Hannah’s detailed designs are so beautifully depicted that they've even been selected as part of the Countryside Alliance's official Christmas 2017 range.



    Black Mountains Smokery award-winning Smoked Salmon, Pepper Oak Roasted Salmon, Smoked Duck and Smoked Chicken (£35)

    An award winning selection from a truly family-run company. All produce is smoked, served and sold from the Carthew’s family base in the wonderful Welsh village of Crickhowell


    TO ENTER: Simply click here to enter your email address.


    Good Luck!





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