Biddy Wingfield Digby Makes Badminton History

Biddy Wingfield Digby Makes Badminton History

As featured in this month’s The Field magazine, my wonderful Grandmother, aged 93, (Gan as she’s known by us) is the last surviving competitor of the first ever Badminton Horse Trials.

She was an accomplished and formidable horsewoman, who also trained with the British Olympic eventing team for the Helsinki Olympics 1952 but was unable to compete herself as a purely male sport at that time. She was, nevertheless, faster than most of the team around the cross country! She went on to be master of the Blackmore Vale for many seasons and head of the Pony Club for many years.


Aside from her equestrian accomplishments, Gan is the founder of several businesses including The Hunting Stock Market. She also raised 4 children, including my Father, Toby, and Uncle Geor, twin brothers weighing 7lbs and 8lbs when born!!! Quite a thought as I consider the arrival of baby number 3!

Now she has 12 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren, plus our imminent arrival!

Gan has been a huge inspiration to me growing up and her hard work and determination has inspired me endlessly with founding and running Wingfield Digby. She always takes huge interest in the business and all the challenges it throws up.

I’m so proud to share these photographs and blog with you all - read on for the full article.


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