• Quarantini Cocktail Competition


    The sun is out, the sky is blue, my kitchen is tidy, not much to do... but wait, this is not the time for poetry, THIS is the time for cocktails!

    With summer enticingly just around the corner, now is the time to treat oneself
    to much deliciousness.
    The “Quarantini” has become the lock-down drink ‘du jour’ and the best thing is that, as each ‘jour’ comes around, Quarantini lovers can bring all their creativity to bear to produce a cocktail like no other.
    But why stop with the Quarantini when you could be drinking a Corona Coaster, a Furlough Merlot, a Stay Alert Aperol or the No Gym Gin?

    The (no doubt) dwindling bottles on your drinks trolley set your only boundaries, which brings us to our competition, which is ALL about cocktail creativity. The maker and creator of the winning cocktail – and in the spirit(s) of the competition we will aim to try them all – will become the owner of one of our bestselling Guinea Fowl Feather drinks trays.

    Made from either single source feathers like our Cock Pheasant or Duck,
    or a gorgeous combination of feathers like our Duck, White Pheasant and
    Guinea Fowl Tray, these beautiful trays are a stunning addition to any cocktail hour. 

    In our feather-loving way and to get your thoughts and taste buds going, we bring you the Wingfield Digby Golden Feather Quarantini which we made, chilled, drank and …. even though some were a little dubious …..enjoyed enormously.

    The WD Golden Feather Quarantini

    Mix the following in a cocktail shaker:
    2 shots golden rum
    1 shot lemon juice
    1 tsp icing sugar
    Crushed ice
    Give it all a good shake, then take your cocktail glass of choice, add a shot of your WD Golden Feather mix, fill with soda water, garnish with a glacé cherry (yep, back of the cupboard) and relish.
    If only I had a Wingfield Digby real feather drinks tray!
    So there you are, fun in the sun with some rum and it's yum …. hmmm perhaps lucky it is not the time for poetry!
    We look forward to receiving your creative cocktail recipes and accompanying photos.   Please do send them to info@wingfielddigby.co.uk

    In anticipation,

    Wingfield Digby

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  • A Photographic Journey Through Your Isolation Antics


    We have had so many great entries for our ‘Isolation Antics’ competition, some of which we wanted to share with you...

    We asked for amusing, unusual or just gloriously normal – and we got them all!  Beautiful walks, stunning countryside shots and great pictures that capture the essence of being at home during these unusual times. 

    Rosemary’s garden is a triumph, with its buxus balls and clipped triangles and not a weed in sight. This photo would look lovely in one of our Cock Pheasant Photo Frames. 

    Who could resist this little rascal who is apparently already spending quite a lot of time on the naughty step for chewing through the washing machine hose. Our White Pheasant Photo Frame would show off this ball of black fluff perfectly.

    Bert loves being taught tricks. This is him doing a horsey high five – clever boy. A surround of peacock feathers would show off his brilliance and that lovely blue sky.

    We LOVE this utterly tempting picture of home-made scones accompanied by some delicious looking pink bubbly. What a marvellous combination and an image of lock down we would certainly like in our memory box. 

    Your delightful children have also charmed our team. It is never too early to develop green fingers as shown by these budding gardeners watering and planting bell flowers. 

    Here's a great father and son workout (competition?) picture. Keep those squats going boys!

    This may be our most surreal photo of a husband on his way to the local shop to get some emergency provisions. We love it and definitely think Fido offers more protection than a mask!

    And now some serenity and calm. Something we all need at this time. What wonderful colours...

    And finally, a picture to inspire and cheer us all. Just fabulous. Full of energy, enthusiasm and joy. 

    Thank you all for sending in your photographs. We have loved receiving them and it is delightful to see that there is still plenty of creativity and fun being had by so many of you.

    We look forward to seeing more of Bert and his horsey skills in the future!

    Best wishes,

    Wingfield Digby

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  • Your chance to WIN one of our beautiful frames...


    Tackling the weeds and tending the flowerbeds; what isolation activities have you been up to recently?

    Why not send a photograph to info@wingfielddigby.co.uk for your chance to WIN one of our Photo Frames...


    Need some photo inspiration? Why not capture something amusing, unusual or just gloriously normal that you have been doing during isolation?

    Walks in the park, wanderings with your pet…. maybe a shot showing off the beautiful things you have done to your garden?

    I may frame this photo of my mother weeding my garden and send it to my brother (who wishes Mum was weeding HIS garden).

    Or the picture of my husband posing rather self-consciously in front of some gloriously blooming rhododendrons!

    If I was sending a frame to myself, I would choose a photograph of my 16 year old dog Xanda (who we rescued when we used to live in Cape Town) who seems to be embracing his slothful life in isolation...


    The choices are limitless wherever you may be, but the result is the same; a wonderful memory captured in an equally wonderful frame. 


    So let your imagination roll, email us your photo at info@wingfielddigby.co.uk and we will print the winning photo in one of our beautiful frames and send it to your family, a friend or directly to you.


    We look forward to receiving your photographs. 

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  • WIN YOUR CHRISTMAS WISH LIST with Wingfield Digby, Juliet Travers, Fairfax & Favor and Emma J Shipley


    Christmas is fast approaching and to celebrate Wingfield Digby has teamed up with the renowned Fairfax & Favor, iconic Juliet Travers and prestigious Emma J Shipley to offer one lucky reader the opportunity to win the Ultimate Christmas Wish List. What better way to celebrate Christmas than with over £800 worth of goodies? 


    TO ENTER: Simply visit...
    A pair of Wingfield Digby Real Duck Feather Frames - £165
    Compliment your home with this timeless and stylish piece from Wingfield Digby. Real Duck feathers are handcrafted under glass to create a stunning finish. Combine with your favourite photo to create a perfect addition to any space.




    The Belgravia suede Boots from Fairfax & Favor - £325

    The Belgravia will fit seamlessly into your multi-seasonal wardrobe. Delicately crafted from the softest stretch suede, this gorgeous below-the-knee will soon become your go-to outfit essential, featuring a contrasting leather pull tab and a subtle Cuban heel to give that all-important elegant lift.



    A Juliet Travers Limited Edition Guinea Fowl Framed Print - £170

    These limited-edition Guineas are a classy and lively addition to any wall. Each print has been hand drawn by Juliet either in a sketchbook on her kitchen table, or in her studio in Battersea, London.





    A pair of Emma J Shipley Kruger Double Bolster Cushion - £190

    These intricate details are printed on a luxurious silk and cotton double sided cushion, with opulent navy velvet piping. The dynamic sizing of the cushion allows for a versatile use, ideal for any setting. Add some exoticism to your home with this stylish interior accessory.

















    All products in the competition can be purchased online:   https://www.wingfielddigby.co.uk/ , https://www.fairfaxandfavor.com/ , https://juliettravers.com/ and https://emmajshipley.com/









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  • Q&A with Camilla and Lucinda, founders of Portman and Pennefather Interior Design


    Christmas is fast approaching and to celebrate we have caught up with the talented Camilla and Lucinda of Portman & Pennefather Interior Design - a complete design service for all aspects of residential and commercial projects. Portman and Pennefather produces intuitive interiors which are unique to each of its clients, with a vibrant and eclectic design flair which is effortlessly timeless.

    Camilla (left) and Lucinda (right).

    Alongside many of their talents Portman & Pennefather beautifully style photoshoots and Wingfield Digby had the pleasure of working with Camilla and Lucinda to style our 2019 Christmas photoshoot.


    Camilla and Lucinda talk to us about Interior Design, Table Design and how to 'bring a room together'...


    1: Tell us about why you decided to launch Portman & Pennefather

    Having gained experience working for high end interior designers in London we wanted to escape the big smoke and bring our services up to Shropshire, whilst still keeping very much involved with our London clients.


    2: What would you say is your company ethos?

    Keep the design in keeping with the building, location and probably most importantly, the client’s lifestyle. The design must be practical and functional whilst at the same time beautiful.


    3: What is your favourite feather type and why?

    Having ‘feather’ in our name, we love them all, but probably the Guinea Fowl feather – beautiful and it belongs to a useful bird, as they can act as very good guard dogs, warning of approaching people/ intruders – beautiful and practical, we like to think that helps to sum up our ethos!


    4: Describe the team behind Portman & Pennefather in 3 words

    Creative, Practical, Sympathetic

    5: If you could save one photo from your home what would it be and why?

    Probably one showing animals!


    6: What has been your most exciting project and why?

    We were very lucky with our first project in Kent, the first is always special but the clients were so wonderful to work with and we honestly enjoyed every minute of it. They loved neutral colours but wanted to experiment, with a great deal of trust between us, some bright colours made the scheme really special.

    Photo from their project in Kent

    7: What would be your top tips for bringing a room together?

    Keep colour and finishes in keeping with each other without necessarily matching. Pick what you love, because that will be timeless and trust your designer.


    8: What most attracted you to the Wingfield Digby range?

    All their products are beautiful and great quality. Also very unique. They provide great accessories in both modern & traditional spaces which is ideal for us!


    9: What is your favourite Wingfield Digby product and why?

    The Guinea Fowl photo frames, absolutely beautiful, versatile, very smart and they really help to enhance any picture.


    Explore the full Wingfield Digby range here

    For further details on Portman & Pennefather visit, www.portmanandpennefather.co.uk 

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