Q&A with Katie Stothard | Showroom Manager at the Wedding Present Company

Q&A with Katie Stothard | Showroom Manager at the Wedding Present Company


We spoke with Katie Stothard, the Showroom Manager at the Wedding Present Comapny. An amazing company who help inspire you with a curated portfolio of favourite brands and special wedding presents you won’t find anywhere else. Read all about her advice to couples on building a wedding list and also her favourite wedding presents.

~ What was it that pulled you to towards working at The Wedding Present Company? ~

The Wedding Present Company’s ethos really stood out to me; I also loved the idea of working in such a unique and personalised service at such an exciting times in people lives.


 ~ Describe the team at The Wedding Present Company in 3 words ~

Knowledgeable, Creative and Energetic.

 ~ What does a typical day look like for you? ~

They are quite varied as every day is different in the showroom, but I am very lucky and start my day on foot, walking along the embankment to our Chelsea showroom. I tend to start on my emails, (with a cup of tea, of course!) which either consist of helping couples building their list, or following up with our lovely team. We usually have at least 2-3 private, two-hour appointments during the day. I love meeting our couples and hearing all about their upcoming wedding! I always encourage everyone to stretch their legs at lunch, a couple of times a week there’s a fabulous food market near Imperial Wharf station, and it’s a firm favourite amongst the team here!


~ What’s your favourite part about working at the Wedding Present Company? ~

Being able to help, guide and advise couples with our bespoke service. There’s nothing better than welcoming a potentially overwhelmed couple, who after their appointment are full of inspiration and excitement over building their list.

~ Do you have any initial advice for couples looking to set up their wedding list? ~

There’s too many pieces of advice to mention, however, my top tips are:
  • Think to the future – this isn’t your ‘now’ list. We really pride ourselves in working with suppliers who create items that you’ll not just love now, but forever.
  • Do the ‘thank you letter’ test – how easy is it to write your ‘thank you letter’ for a colander or a spatula? Maybe these items are better to be bought yourself and save the more exciting presents for your wedding list.  
  • Double up on your side plates – you so often use them for a starter and or pudding or cheese. Nothing ruins the flow of a dinner party like washing up 8 side plates between courses!
  • Look to purchase a minimum of 12 table settings of glassware, crockery and cutlery. This allows for future growth, or even for the odd clumsy breakage along the way.

~ What do you think makes a good wedding present? ~

Something that lasts a lifetime and you know they will get much enjoyment out of. This looks different to every couple, for some it’s a trusty, classic casserole dish and for others it’s a statement lamp that they can take with them to whichever home they may live in.


~ What are the key trends you’ve noticed in wedding list requests over the past year? ~ 

It’s all about the tablescape these days – bright, playful pieces together with a variety of textures and patterns. Anything goes and everyone’s ideal tablescape looks a little different, which is why it’s such fun curating your own!

~ Your website features some fantastic ‘Inspiration’ collections, including Country Cottage, Scandi and Coastal Retreat – which would you say is your favourite and why? ~

Country cottage – as I love the traditional, but modern look.

~ Which is your favourite Wingfield Digby feather type? ~

Guinea Fowl – I love the speckled look, it’s fun but subtle.

~ Which are your top 3 Wingfield Digby luxury wedding gifts and why? ~

  1. Duck Photo frame  – it makes a house a home, and is a perfect way for couples to display one of their favourite photos from their wedding.             
  2. Guinea Fowl & Green Pheasant Wine coaster – traditional but fun and different. Perfect for day to day dining, but also for inviting friends and family round for dinner parties.                                                                       
  3. Duck & Green Pheasant Tray – I would say that it’s a very under rated wedding present – you always need a tray!



Thank you Katie!

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