Q&A with Amelia Carmichael | Founder of Auree Jewellery

Q&A with Amelia Carmichael | Founder of Auree Jewellery

We spoke with Amelia Carmichael, the founder of Auree Jewellery. 

Auree is inspired by Amelia's grandmothers - one, a vivacious and daring traveller, the other a phenomenal multi-tasker. Both took on life with a contagious enthusiasm and energy.

I have witnessed first hand the characteristics of these marvellous women in Auree. We first met in 2016 in neighbouring offices in South London over looking the River Wandle. It has been wonderful to watch the business thrive over the years, guided by Amelia's vision and her eye for stunning designs and the hard work of her and her team.


 1. What first inspired you to create Auree?

 I had always wanted to set something up myself - and having worked in the jewellery business for 8 years I thought it was about time to get on and do it. I saw a niche in the market for beautiful jewellery that would travel through life with you - but which was affordable and didn't need to be kept in a safe.  It moved very quickly initially - from business plan to launching our first collection.


2. How do you think your previous work in the jewellery industry helped to influence your own designs at Auree?

 My very first job was at an Antique Diamond jeweller in the West End where I worked with beautiful vintage jewellery. I was able to learn about jewellery, gemstones as well as (crucially) customer service. The vital importance of both quality and customer service is something I hope that Auree is now known for. The Art Deco style has always been one that appeals to my design side - I love the geometric symmetry and some of my favourite jewellery is Art Deco.


 3. What was your very first design? 

This was the Westbourne Classic - a very classic design of a simple chain with an engraved gold Disc Pendant. This is hugely popular and something that is worn by all generations.


 4. Describe Auree Jewellery in 3 words

 Timeless, Empowering and Good Value (sorry realise that is 4!)


 5. Which is your favourite piece? 

It has to be the solid gold Russian Wedding Bangle. Made by our lovely Italian workshop based in the English countryside, this is something I never take off. The inside of each bangle is engraved with the names of my children which makes it so special for me.



 6. How have you adjusted your business during the Covid pandemic?

 I sadly had to furlough my operations team at the very beginning of the pandemic meaning I was dispatching orders from home whilst juggling childcare - an absolute nightmare. However, we did use the time to build a new website and saw our online sales take off. This enabled us to bring back the operations team as soon as it was safe to reopen our office in the Summer, and we were really proud of the growth we managed to achieve.


7. What has been the most exciting moment for Auree?

 The Auree team doubled in size last Autumn and it is amazing to have such a talented and enthusiastic team helping to drive the company forward, our office is such a hive of activity! I am also very proud to now be stocked on Liberty London online. I absolutely adore this iconic brand and it’s great to be part of.


 8. What advice would you give to a young person starting their own business now?

 To make sure you do one thing every day that will directly impact or grow your business. There will always be admin to do but the discipline is to make sure you spend time on what really matters. It’s harder than it sounds!


 9. Where do you see the business in 5 years’ time?

 The best cocktails take time to make, that’s our mantra. Our focus has always been on exceptional service and it’s exciting to see the company grow and branch into new areas. We have ambitious plans and I feel strongly that we need to continue to focus our efforts on sustainability and listening to what our customers want.


 10. What is your favourite Wingfield Digby product

I adore the little glass feather coasters which we have at home and use all the time. They are all completely unique and look so stylish.

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