Q&A with Camilla Rose, Founder of Camilla Rose Millinery

Q&A with Camilla Rose, Founder of Camilla Rose Millinery

Wedding Season is nearly over and before it ends we wanted to catch up with one of our favourite milliner's Camilla Rose, founder of the fantastic Camilla Rose Millinery...
Camilla talks to us about Hats, Weddings and Feathers.


1: Describe Camilla Rose Millinery in 3 words?

Classic, architectural & elegant


2: Where did your passion for hat making originate from?

Camilla Rose was started entirely by a very happy accident!  Having studied textile design at university, I worked for many years in the Interior design industry and I realised I missed the hands on creative side of things.  I decided to do an evening course in Millinery, I thought it would be fun to make a few hats for myself to wear for friends up and coming weddings.

Having seen my hats, people began to ask if I would make them one and therefore what started as a hobby very quickly became a business.  I’m very lucky that my happy accident has become my passion!


3: Describe the team behind Camilla Rose Millinery?

The Camilla Rose team is a one woman band, although during busy periods I do hire assistants to keep up with the demand!



4: Which hat has been the most popular this wedding and ascot season and why?

The Volute since being designed in SS17 is by far the most popular.  It can be made to order in any colour and is the perfect headpiece to finish an outfit without becoming the centre of attention itself.  The soft, elegant folds of the headpiece look great from all angles and due to the flattering position it sits on the head I’m yet to find someone it doesn’t suit.


5: What do you enjoy most about your job?

My favourite moment is always when I see my customer try on the finished hat. Their smile is always amazing and I feel so thrilled that I played a small part in making them feel so fantastic.


6: Which is your favourite piece?

It constantly changes but I think my current favourite is the multicoloured Arabesque from SS19 – it is a really fun, fabulous piece and I love how the soft silk abaca folds so beautifully to create this striking effect.


7: What inspired you to work with Game Bird Feathers for your Autumn collection?

My fedoras are perfectly suited to country pursuits and what better way to unite fashion with the natural world around us than to use foraged elements within the designs?


8: What is your favourite feather and Wingfield Digby product

I love the cock pheasant feather, the depth and variety of colours that can be found on each individual feather is incredible.  I adore Wingfield Digby’s photo frames, they are such a classic pieces which you can see being part of homes for generations.  I love how a colour can pop from the feathers in the frame depending on the colours in the photo within.

Explore the full Camilla Rose Millinery collection at - www.camillarose.co.uk
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