Q&A with Leslie Balfour-Lynn, Producer at Hush Heath Estate

Q&A with Leslie Balfour-Lynn, Producer at Hush Heath Estate

With the modern day rise of ‘mum-preneurship’, and Mother’s Day just around the corner, we caught up with Leslie Balfour Lynn – Producer at Hush Heath Estate alongside husband Richard, interior designer to the Estate’s winery, pubs, restaurants and boutique hotels and mother to four children – two sons and two daughters.



  1. What is your favourite memory (to date) as a mother?

It’s impossible to answer this as a single moment! It would be memories of us together as a family down at Hush Heath enjoying a family gathering having had a wonderful walk through the estate, especially during spring - my favourite time of year.


  1. Who is your favourite famous mother/daughter duo and why?

My favourite mother/daughter duo is actually a mother and four daughters. It is Marmee March and her daughters from 'Little Women'. She is such a wonderful role model and teaches her daughters by lovingly guiding them through life. My girls, Skye and Nannette, and I are all still so fond of this book; it was an inspiration to us all growing up, teaching us to be strong, honest and true to ourselves. 


  1. What do you most enjoy about working in a family run company?

The family-friendly environment– such a great team creates a wonderful atmosphere in and around the winery. 


  1. What do you least enjoy about working in a family run company?

Now that is a difficult question to answer...  There is not much to not like because I enjoy being in the thick of things and sharing the successes with everyone at Hush Heath Estate.  What I would say is that I balance this with some time to clear the mind and get away from work. It can be difficult but I think everyone needs to have those moments when they can escape. 


  1. We understand that you managed the interior design & furnishings for the 4 Hush Heath owned pubs. Which was your favourite to work on and why?  What has been your favourite interior design project to date and why?

Each project was different and presented new challenges and I have to say I enjoyed them all equally.  I learn with each project.


  1. Where is your favourite part of the British countryside and why?

My favourite part of the British countryside has to be here in Kent; “the garden of England.”  We are very much part of this garden of England with our 400 acres of ancient woodlands, beautiful orchards, vineyards and our gardens around the house. It is impossible not to be in love with it!


  1. Who is your biggest design inspiration? 

My biggest design inspiration is Kit Kemp of the Firmdale Group. I love her bold use of colour and the way she uses modern art within her hotels.   


  1. What is on your Wingfield Digby wish list and why?

 I have some of those gorgeous candles high on my Wingfield Digby wish list.  Particularly the grapefruit, lime & basil though I did use the winter warmth at Christmas time, which was heavenly.


  1. Favourite feather type? 

Guinea Fowl...  It rather reminds me of our dalmatians’ spots!


  1. Incidentally, we understand that all Hush Heath items are named after a Balfour-Lynn family member. Other than Leslie herself, are any named after a Balfour-Lynn mother/child? If so, who? A lovely anecdote to include!

We love naming our products after the children so that they can be part of what we are creating and calling our wines and ciders after them brings a smile to my lips every time I hear them being ordered.  We have run out of children now so the dogs and Elsa the cat are next on the list!



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