Q&A with Trevor Pickett – CEO of Pickett London

Q&A with Trevor Pickett – CEO of Pickett London

With the colour and high spirits of Easter on the horizon, we chatted to Trevor Pickett – CEO of Pickett – the British brand likewise renowned for injecting lustre and excitement into luxury leathers.


Commended for his beautiful London stories and for delivering over 3 decades of handmade luxury from artisan British workshops, Trevor – the quintessential English eccentric – shares his Easter favourites, imminent Pickett plans and Wingfield Digby wishlist..


  1. What would your ideal Easter weekend involve?

Good food and even better friends, anything low key and relaxing. Should weather permit at home, a potter in the garden is essential.


  1. What is your favourite Easter memory?

It would have to be when I was staying with my great friends the Bloomfields on a desert island when their children were much younger.


  1. If you could save one photo in your house, what would it be and why?

I have a lovely black and white photograph of my godson jumping in the air – it’s not recognisably him but it was taken by his mother who is a semi professional photographer. It is very special to me.


  1. What Pickett plans are you most excited about over the next few months?

Remerchandising our Sloane Street store in a radical move to mirror the change of the changing retail landscape in that area. We successfully experimented at the Burlington Gardens store at Albany; a great opportunity to review our range which has given us all the buzz to go full steam ahead.


  1. What is your proudest achievement to date?

I think surrounded by sound, loyal people professionally and solid, good friends who care about me.


  1. If you had to choose your favourite between your Burlington Gardens and Sloane Street shops, which would it be and why?

This a hard one, the Sophie’s choice of retail! The flagship store on Burlington Gardens has really become our home since leaving the Burlington Arcade but equally Sloane Street is always evolving and keeps things exciting.


  1. We hear that all Pickett products are handcrafted and produced in the UK. Whereabouts?

All over! We only work with small workshops and ateliers which have limited production. We design and source leather goods ensuring that we produce a collection which offers a range of interesting and unique pieces.


  1. What is on your Wingfield Digby wish list and why?

 It would definitely be a photo frame. They make a lovely gift and I think the feathers complement any photograph which more often than not hold a happy memory captured in time.


  1. Favourite feather type? 

The neck feathers of male pheasants.


Visit Pickett online, or in their London Mayfair or Sloane Street stores.




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