• Autumnal Tablescaping


    A little effort goes a long way to make your table impressive.

    We spend hours on the food so let’s take a few extra minutes on the table decorations. Here are my top tips to bring a little glamour to the table this autumn.

    1. Rummage in the cupboard for all the candles you can get your hands on – candles will add ambience as the nights draw in. You can add a couple to a mantlepiece or side table too for extra glow.

    2. Gather some golden autumn leaves and any other treasure you can find such as bracken, large chunks of bark, fir cones, conkers or acorns ideally attached to their branch. These can be adorned down the centre of the table with the candles nestled in amongst them. Take care to avoid anything too close to the open flames. Feel free to add some garden produce if you have it, pumpkins, gourds and butternut squashes. 




    3. Get out the silverware, not only the candlesticks but Grandma’s salt and pepper shakers and any other long forgotten trinkets. The silverware will catch the light of the candles and add extra drama and mood. The glow of the silver contrasts the rustic leaves and adds a bit of class to the compost!

    4. Go big on glassware – even the hand wash only. Aim for 3 glasses each even if no one will use two wines glasses. This gives a feeling of decadence and reflects the light in the same way as the silverware. Coloured glassware is very ‘ontrend’ so don’t be afraid to mix some of that in too. Put any last blooms of the summer in single stem vases around the table, this adds life and extra light reflection.





    5. Our Cock Pheasant Feather tableware is the perfect compliment to the autumn colours and leaves. Choose from Cock Pheasant or Cock Pheasant and Green Pheasant; they come as placemats, coasters and table centres which double as extra decadent charger placemats. The scented Cock Pheasant candles make a lovely addition to the table or a lovely gift to bring to supper. All the tableware brings an extra reflective glow adding to the cosy ambience.

    6. Don’t forget - six is the magic number of dinner guests. 




     Give it a try and please send us a photo of your autumn table creations to info@wingfielddigby.co.uk. We’d love to see them and the best shots will be shown on our Instagram and will win some WD vouchers...


    Enjoy and keep the glasses charged!

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  • Tablescaping Top Tips


    In the world of dining, ‘tablescaping’ has become the word de jour, conjuring up images of lush, creative, beautifully laid tables that go way beyond simply being a surface off which to eat.

    Our sumptuous Feather Table Centres and beautifully hand-crafted Placemats and Coasters have always sat at the core of our collection. With a range of intricate single and double feather designs, Wingfield Digby we have been unintentionally tablescaping for years!

    Be bold.  Be brave.  There are no rules.  From elegant daytime candles to huge urns of cascading hydrangeas, the table is your decorative oyster, your blank canvas, your licence to create…

    In the spirit of all things tablescape, here are some Wingfield Digby tips and pictures to help inspire your alfresco tables…


    Don’t be fearful of colour

    A bright pink tablecloth creates the perfect foil for the elegance of our Duck Feather Placemats and with a vast variety of patterned fabrics available out there, you can be daring with your creative setting.

    Pops of complementary colours tie everything together and help keep you focused on your chosen theme. For example here, we’ve added little touches of green to help balance such powerful pinks.  


    Flowers and Foliage

    And on the subject of green, go for it, use it, be brazen.  It adds gorgeous verdant overtones to the theatre of your table. Indeed, many of our Table Centres and Placemats have wonderful Green Pheasant feathers running through them.

    From ivy and eucalyptus to bursting dahlias, massive peonies, bottlebrush and dog roses; nature doesn’t clash, and foliage freshens a table. Be adventurous.   


    Be Contemporary and Busy

    Nothing is too decadent.  Simplicity plays no part – certainly for the first reveal. Pale blue candles to match your hydrangeas, coloured glassware, a tablescape scattered with single stem oriental vases, napkins decorated with floral details, all resplendent with Wingfield Digby’s Duck and Green Pheasant Placemats. Kwa nini hapana, as they say in Swahili – why not?!



    Wingfield Digby Tableware

    Elegant, beautiful, and guaranteed to add an unforgettably distinctive style to your table. Our versatile tableware is also remarkably hard wearing even under the weight of the urns that should be lurking around the Acropolis in Athens!

    Make sure Wingfield Digby is the focus of your tablescape and check out our Pinterest page (WingfieldDigby2020) for further recommendations, ideas and sheer visual glory.


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