An introduction to Francesca Sanders

An introduction to Francesca Sanders

I’m delighted to introduce you all to a very talented artist and lovely lady, Francesca Sanders. Our shared love of wildlife and appreciation of natural beauty drew us together. Her passion for Africa, conservation and love of the creatures and landscapes, shines through her work, as well as her sense of humour depicting the characters.

Francesca Sanders Cheetah

One of her favourite subjects to paint is the Cheetah, she captures it’s vulnerability and shyness so beautifully in this piece. Available as a print on her website, link here.

Francesca educated me on the anatomical differences between the cheetah and the leopard, she is something of an expert given the many weeks she spends roaming and observing at places such as the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya where she does much of her painting.

Francesca is a Trustee on the board of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Francesca is represented by the wonderful Rountree Tryon, where many of her original pieces can be seen. The gallery also support her work in conservation, both Francesca and the gallery give a percentage of their sales to conservation.

Elephant Push Along Francesca Sanders

Elephant Push Along’ The elephants are another of Francesca’s favourite subjects. Link here. 


Francesca and I also have a shared love of Scotland, the drama of the hills and the appeal of the wilderness so bleak at times, yet so full of life. Not to mention the fresh cool air on the hills.


 Past Torrin, Skye by Francesca Sanders 

Past Torrin, Skye

I love Francesca’s use of texture on the hills, she tells me how she enjoys the challenge of painting in Scotland with the fleeting light which changes a view so quickly. Very impressive.


 African Kingfisher by Francesca Sanders 

African Kingfisher 

Francesca loves to paint birds to celebrate their beautiful plumage and intricate markings. She enjoys painting in hues of colour which they alone seem to possess in nature. Here too another shared love of ours.


We asked Francesca what her favourite pieces of ours were;

She loves the larger pieces that really show off the beauty of our concept, celebrating feathers. She has happy tales of the Guinea Fowls that roamed her parents’ home in Cambridgeshire.


Guinea Fowl Feather Tray

Guinea Fowl Tray


She loved how the candles and hurricane vases ‘freeze frame nature in a glass’. We couldn’t put it better ourselves!

Pheasant feather hurricane vase

Pheasant Feather Hurricane Vases

Thank you, Francesca!

Assorted Feather Scented Candles


For more information about the wonderful Francesca and her work, her website is; We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

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