Serving Up Style at the Eat Game Awards

Serving Up Style at the Eat Game Awards

Be it Gamekeeper’s Pie, Pheasant Fajitas, or Piri Piri Partridge, the choice for enjoying game is in abundance – yet unrecognised by many.
To solve this, Eat Game Awards has been founded: an innovative and exciting campaign to celebrate the very best of wild British produce. By recognizing today’s pioneers in the cooking and eating of game, Eat Game Awards lies at the forefront of promoting game meat – a tasty treat, a healthy source of protein and – above all - a great way to avoid unused resources going to waste.
James Horne
We caught up with one of the founders James Horne (also distinguished Chairman of Royal Warrant holder James Purdey & Sons) to find out more.
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Describe the Eat Game Awards in 3 words.

Innovative, tasty, fabulous.


Was there a particular moment or fact that spurred you to promote the consumption of game meat?

It has always struck me how many country sportsmen don’t regularly eat game, despite it being the goal of their sport & the sheer quantity of amazing recipes available. Highlighting the innovative nature of these creations by rewarding people involved with them seemed an obvious thing to do.


A selection of game dishes, including gamekeeper’s pie, venison loin and partridge casserole


What has been your proudest moment for Eat Game Awards so far?

The breadth and number of responses. It has been pleasantly staggering.


Which award category are you particularly excited about and why?

‘Game Hero’. I’m absolutely fascinated to see who will gain the title. 

Game Hero nominees, including Tim Maddams, Angela Hartnett & Nick Weston


What is your favourite game dish?

A grouse, pheasant and partridge casserole made by my wife. Such amazing flavours!  


Where is your favourite place to eat game – both in the country & city?

Eating game on the same shoot day is always a joy. Last season we even had partridge on a BBQ that had been shot in the morning.


If you could save one photo in your house, what would it be and why?

I have several paintings from Alastair Makinson including one commissioned last year for my birthday by my son Chris – it is of us shooting in adjoining grouse butts. Having started GunsOnPegs together this is so very special.


Chris Horne and James Horne


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The Traditional Shoot Lunch

 Cock Pheasant Table Centre (£120)

The Memorable Birthday Meal

 Duck & Green Pheasant Placemat (£95 for two);

The Show Stopping Christmas Day

From left to right: Guinea Fowl Placemat (£85 for two); Guinea Fowl Coasters (£75 for six); Green Pheasant Table Centre (£120); Green Pheasant & Guinea Fowl Placemat (£95 for two); Green Pheasant & Guinea Fowl Coasters (£85 for six)

The Sumptuous Supper

From left to right: Duck Placemat (£75 for two); White Pheasant Table Centre (£120, used here as charger plate); Duck Wine Coaster (£49)
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