Q&A with Caroline Fooks, Founder of Caroline Fooks Interior Design

Q&A with Caroline Fooks, Founder of Caroline Fooks Interior Design

 Easter Season is upon us and to celebrate we have caught up with the talented Caroline Fooks – founder and director of Caroline Fooks Interior Design – a London based luxury interiors company that combines the traditional with contemporary, and practicality with beauty to transform spaces into elegant, comfortable and timeless interiors.

 Caroline Fooks


Alongside many of her talents Caroline and her team beautifully style photoshoots and Wingfield Digby had the pleasure of working with her to style the Ultimate Easter Day table.


Caroline talks to us about Easter, what it takes to be an interior designer and her personal favourites…


1: How did you come to launch your own Interior Design Company

Having worked 7 years in design and then a further 8 years for Nina Campbell I felt it was time to branch out on my own. Nina was right behind me every step of the way and helped me set up my own company in October 2004.


2: Describe your company in 3 words

Timeless, Resourceful, and going one step further


Caroline Fooks' Website 

3: What are the key trends you have noticed in client request over the years

Reusing items from previous interiors and returning to a clean and classic style rather than trends of the time.



4: What would be your 3 top tips to make an Easter table so much more than an average Sunday Lunch

Fresh themes and flowers, adding good smells to the table before guests arrive (be it candles or food) and beautiful presentation which I why I loved using all Wingfield Digby products.



From left to right: Grapefruit, Lime and Basil Candle (£35); Real Feather Wine Coaster (£49); Duck and Green Pheasant Placemat (£95 for two); Hurricane Vase (£69)


5: What do you enjoy most about being an interior designer?

It is so varied! No two days being the same. I approach each new project with vigour and enthusiasm and enjoy working with each and every client.



6: What is your favourite Wingfield Digby Feather type

Duck and Green Pheasant as it looks terrific all year round not just at Easter

From left to right: Duck and Green Pheasant Placemats (£95 for two); Duck and Green Pheasant Tray (£85)  


7: Describe the team behind Caroline Fooks Design in 3 words

Inspirational, dependable and reliable



8: If you could save one photo from your home what would it be and why?

My family portrait as it reminds me of my childhood



9: What has been your most exciting project and why?

The house in Berkshire; it was a long yet rewarding project where we reused a lot of items that were in the old house, nothing was ever thrown away!


Caroline's project doing up a family house in Berkshire 


10: What is your go to piece of advice to anyone wanting to redo their house?

Start with a budget – work out what you can spend and what rooms are the most important. Figure out what you really want and then work your budget around that.



Explore the full Wingfield Digby range here

For further details on Caroline Fooks visit, www.carolinefooksdesign.com

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