Q&A with Robert Everitt of Hull Cartridge

Q&A with Robert Everitt of Hull Cartridge

To celebrate the midst of the shooting season, we caught up with renowned sporting enthusiast Robert Everitt of Hull Cartridge Company - the family run, multi award-winning, Royal Warrant-holding cartridge supplier.



Robert – a proud Yorkshireman who divides his time between field and office as Hull Cartridge’s business development manager – share his best sporting memories and musings below..


  1. What is your earliest sporting memory?

 I still remember stalking my first rabbit, aged 12. I took it to my grandmother and she taught me how to make rabbit stew; carefully going through each stage step by step. It may sound cheesy, but that recipe has rarely tasted as good as then! Her secret was soaking the rabbit meat in milk overnight…


  1. Most festive experience?

 New Year’s Eve in East Yorkshire a few years ago. The result was Venison Wellington – also made and served by yours truly! I don’t think you can top a Christmas spent with your favourite people, drives on snow-covered ground and a brilliant house party.


  1. Most exotic sporting experience?

Does Europe count as exotic?! If so, it would have to be wild boar stalking in Sologne, France. We saw over 20 wild boar swimming in the lake – a rare and rather peculiar sight! I am planning a trip to South Africa which may top this though…


  1. If you had to save one photo from your home, which would it be?

 One deer stalking with my favourite view of Glen Dessary in the Highlands.


 Favourite drive?

 Now that’s a hard one! Sunningpost at Warter Priory offers spectacular gallery shooting. There’s also a drive called Rifle Range at Buckholt, West Titherly which I love.


  1. Favourite shooting ground?

 There are so many great ones around the country, I couldn’t name one. The best ones always stock Hull Cartridge – let that be your guide!


  1. What is the biggest difference you have seen in shooting over the years?

 Two notable shifts have occurred. I’ve seen an incredible rise in the importance people place in ensuring they use the best kit available. Likewise, the priority to cook, eat and celebrate any game shot is higher than ever before. Both are without a doubt brilliant developments for the sporting community.


  1. What’s on your Wingfield Digby wishlist?

 Nothing beats putting a happy memory in a photo frame. For sporting memories, I like the Green Pheasant option – the colour makes it great for landscape & tweed-filled shots!



  1. Favourite feather type?




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Hull Cartridge Company celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. Like Wingfield Digby, Hull Cartridge products can be found in William Evans, West London Shooting School and Cotswold Country.

For more information on Hull Cartridge Company, visit www.hullcartridge.co.uk. Follow Hull Cartridge on Facebook or Twitter. 



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