Quarantini Cocktail Competition

Quarantini Cocktail Competition

The sun is out, the sky is blue, my kitchen is tidy, not much to do... but wait, this is not the time for poetry, THIS is the time for cocktails!

With summer enticingly just around the corner, now is the time to treat oneself
to much deliciousness.
The “Quarantini” has become the lock-down drink ‘du jour’ and the best thing is that, as each ‘jour’ comes around, Quarantini lovers can bring all their creativity to bear to produce a cocktail like no other.
But why stop with the Quarantini when you could be drinking a Corona Coaster, a Furlough Merlot, a Stay Alert Aperol or the No Gym Gin?

The (no doubt) dwindling bottles on your drinks trolley set your only boundaries, which brings us to our competition, which is ALL about cocktail creativity. The maker and creator of the winning cocktail – and in the spirit(s) of the competition we will aim to try them all – will become the owner of one of our bestselling Guinea Fowl Feather drinks trays.

Made from either single source feathers like our Cock Pheasant or Duck,
or a gorgeous combination of feathers like our Duck, White Pheasant and
Guinea Fowl Tray, these beautiful trays are a stunning addition to any cocktail hour. 

In our feather-loving way and to get your thoughts and taste buds going, we bring you the Wingfield Digby Golden Feather Quarantini which we made, chilled, drank and …. even though some were a little dubious …..enjoyed enormously.

The WD Golden Feather Quarantini

Mix the following in a cocktail shaker:
2 shots golden rum
1 shot lemon juice
1 tsp icing sugar
Crushed ice
Give it all a good shake, then take your cocktail glass of choice, add a shot of your WD Golden Feather mix, fill with soda water, garnish with a glacé cherry (yep, back of the cupboard) and relish.
If only I had a Wingfield Digby real feather drinks tray!
So there you are, fun in the sun with some rum and it's yum …. hmmm perhaps lucky it is not the time for poetry!
We look forward to receiving your creative cocktail recipes and accompanying photos.   Please do send them to info@wingfielddigby.co.uk

In anticipation,

Wingfield Digby

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