Scented Candles - As stunning to look at as they are to smell

Scented Candles - As stunning to look at as they are to smell

Those of you who regularly follow us on social media will have noticed some bright and beautiful new feather candles. We are delighted to announce that we have added two new scents to our range. This range still adopts the intricate and luxury design of our original ‘Winter Spice’ candle however, we have used a new blend of natural ingredients to create our Greenhouse Tomato and Grapefruit, Lime and Basil scent.

Greenhouse Tomato is a blend of vine tomatoes, red pepper and herbs. The smell is reminiscent of walking into a greenhouse full of vines; the sweet smell of ripe tomatoes and peppers. Mossy undertones and cut grass add depth to the flavour. The candle is photographed with Guinea Fowl feather.

The irresistible scents of Grapefruit, Lime and Basil are a winning combination. The uplifting fruity scent really fills a room. This has fast-become a best seller. The candle is photographed with Hen Pheasant feathers.

Each glass candle is carefully prepared by hand incorporating the scented wax which is blended in Derbyshire, before we carefully arrange the feathers in two layers of glass. Our scented candle range are available in three types of feather: Hen Pheasant, Guinea Fowl and Cock Pheasant.

 Wingfield Digby offer an exclusive bespoke service where if you have some unusual feathers, we can incorporate them into the scented candle of your choice. The candles come beautifully boxed in our iconic black and cream boxes, making them the perfect gift or a beautiful addition to your home.

Here are a few of our bespoke candles that have been made on request. One of our customers keep Macaws, she has provided us with some of their striking feathers so we worked our magic and this is the end result...

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