Wedding Jewellery: Why British Is Best

Wedding Jewellery: Why British Is Best

When Wingfield Digby discovered Stephen Einhorn – a likewise truly British family business, founded by a husband and wife team whose every piece is crafted solely from their London base - we knew we’d found our perfect jewellery match.


Esteemed Walpole brand, Stephen Einhorn is renowned for creating jewellery pieces that are as timeless and technical as they are flawless and flowing with history. For example, their popular Thames Wood collection is made using their exclusively owned 2,000-year-old Thames Oak: sourced from the only wooden Roman docks built in London in 63AD.


We were thrilled to be invited to their Islington showroom to see their designs and to take some beautiful photographs of their engagement and wedding rings atop our Wingfield Digby Real Feather & Glass placemats.


Explore these intricate and romantic pairings below – along with some personal anecdotes from Stephen himself…


Wingfield Digby Duck and Green Pheasant Feather & Glass Placemats; Stephen Einhorn Halo Engagement Ring (explore here)
Wingfield Digby Green Pheasant Feather & Glass Large Table Centre (buy here); Stephen Einhorn The Angel Collection (explore here)
Wingfield Digby Duck Feather & Glass Photo Frame; Stephen Einhorn Solitaire Engagement Ring (explore here)
Wingfield Digby Cock Pheasant Feather & Glass Photo Frame; Stephen Einhorn The Geo Collection (explore here)
Wingfield Digby Mixed Pheasant Feather & Glass Large Table Centre; Stephen Einhorn Geo Elipse Eternity Ring (explore here)


Stephen Einhorn pictured in Wingfield Digby Green Pheasant Photo Frame



Let the questions commence!


Describe Stephen Einhorn Jewellery in 3 words.

 Luxurious. Authentic. Beautiful.


Describe the Stephen Einhorn team in 3 words.

 Dedicated. Skilled. Exceptional.


What do you enjoy most about working in a family business?

Its continuity, history and the closeness of relationships of all involved – something we’ve built up over 23 years. You can’t run a family business and not be absolutely passionate about what you do!


What do you like least about working in a family business?

A lot of responsibility and a lot of work!


In the past 10 years, what key trends you have noticed in the engagement ring sector?

Firstly, uniqueness. Customers now want something truly special, something different that makes their ring completely original. Our bespoke service is the busiest it's ever been. Likewise there’s been a huge rise in eternity rings being bought as wedding rings for both men and women. Also more men wearing engagement rings: our Geo rings, made with our 2000-Year-Old Thames Oak, are incredibly popular.



Which precious stone/metal(s) have you found to be the most timeless, most popular options for engagement rings?

That would have to be platinum and diamonds: it’s a classic combination and one that will stand the test of time. Emeralds and rubies are very popular too, but diamonds usually win in the end.



Engagements and weddings are naturally 2 of the most personal events in an individual's lifetime. For bespoke creations, how do you and your team ensure the final product(s) are as unique to the couple as possible?

Our bespoke team are really amazing; very knowledgeable and helpful. They have a continuous conversation with our customers, which aside from making the couple feel comfortable also ensures we get a real feel for their style and lifestyle. This information is passed on to our design team and captured in the final piece. We can engrave most of our designs too, even with the customer's handwriting or something else that's special to them. This adds a wonderfully personal touch.


Which has been your favourite bespoke piece of work to date, and why?

I have to name two! The Brass Stag Beetle Collar we created for Charlize Theron in the film Snow White and the Huntsman. The brief included a box of dead stag beetles, 150 of which formed the final piece!


Secondly, a 9 carat rose gold and onyx ring made for Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows. It has a beautiful sailing ship on the side. 


Both pieces allowed us to use a lot of our jewellery making skills and it’s always fun to be able to stretch yourself creatively. Also with the collar we did the design work too. For film projects we usually get a very strict brief but with these two pieces we were able to have a lot of design input. Very satisfying.


Have you ever created feather-focused bespoke pieces?

Absolutely – involving both feathers and wings. I designed this bespoke wing bracelet for Angelina Jolie when she was starring in the film Maleficent. The design was based on her character’s wings, I thought they would look amazing curved around her wrist.



If you had to save one photo from your home, which would it be and why?

This one - the only photo we have of our wedding day (long story). Although it's very poor quality I really love it, it was a magical day and started snowing when we were on our way to the registry office.


What is your favourite Wingfield Digby feather type?

Cock Pheasant. It reminds me of Dorset and The Trough of Bowland - two places that I feel particularly attached to.

 Wingfield Digby Cock Pheasant Feaher & Glass Photo Frame



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